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Cupcake Board

Cupcake Board

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These chalk wall decals are all the rage. They work in a fun way for writing notes, making lists, playing games ... the possibilities are endless! Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, it works on walls, wood, glass, and more! Easy to remove and does not damage surfaces.

This design measures 110 cms. (width) x 138 cms. (tall).


1 cupcake.
Chocolate chips.
Little stars.
Installation instructions.



Please carefully review your item upon delivery. In the event there is anything wrong with it, please contact me immediately, and I will make sure you are happy with your purchase.

If you need a different measure or colors from the ones we offer please contact us with the details so we can send you a custom design and cost estimate.

If you’re not sure about your surface, please email us and we will post you a sample to try out prior to purchasing. If You have additional questions, please refer to our FAQS Page or drop us a line. We love to chat.

Suitable surfaces need to be flat, clean and SMOOTH, i.e. well-painted plasterboard walls which are in good condition, doors, mirrors, metal, tiles, etc.
If you’re not sure about your surface, please email us and we will post you a sample to try out prior to purchasing.
Samples are designated to check the material in real and test it on your wall, not to compare colors! The colors may slightly vary depending on a different print batch. You can choose any decal from my listing. If you want custom color of the pattern, please write the colors in the message to order. To clean, use a damp cloth and warm wáter.

The decal comes with transferable paper, which makes it easy to apply to any wall.
Please check out our Youtube Channel for more info about Installation:

As much as we would love for decals to work on every surface, unfortunately they don’t.
We use the highest quality removable vinyl specifically manufactured to be gentle to walls with non-permanant adhesive.
Certain paint finishes and wall surfaces will not guarantee adhesion.
Any bumpy or porous surface: rendered concrete walls, rough wood, canvas, bricks and walls painted with specialty textured paints such as “suede” effects.
Even lightly textured surfaces such as orange peel texture can prevent the decals from adhering properly.
If your surface is not in good condition (i.e. not primed before painting, cracking or peeling paint, etc) the decals will not adhere properly and may pull paint off when removed.

“Wash and Wear” paints containing silicone or Teflon, as well as any “low VOC” or “zero VOC” paints should be avoided. These products are designed to repel dirt and stains but in doing so, will also repel adhesive.
If your surface is porous, air can get in behind the vinyl and loosen the adhesive so decals may not adhere as securely.
The key to good application is a well-prepared SMOOTH surface!

Most cases where our adhesive products pose a challenge to install is due to wall texture. Decals will not adhere well to cloth, stucco, brick, concrete, cement render, orange peel textures, knock down texture or similar uneven surfaces including some wall papers. These surfaces are not completely smooth which does not allow for a sufficient surface area for the decal to adhere to.

If you have just painted your walls please allow the paint to dry and cure. The paint needs to finish off-gassing or the adhesive can cure with the paint and cause damages upon removal. We recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after you paint to install your vinyl decal.

Devices and computer monitors create color using the primary colors of light. Colors often vary from one monitor to another. Think of when you visit an electronics store with various brands of televisions on display and how they all differ in color. We do our best, but we cannot match our colors against all the different monitors and devices in the world.